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Ez Duz It E-Liquid by Ruthless E-Juice Review

The taste of watermelon is sweet and watery. It’s one of the best fruits to enjoy on a hot day. It can completely quench your thirst. Strawberries are one of the most popular berries. There is a slight tantalizing taste to the fruit. It is sweet and a bit sour. When you combine watermelon and strawberry flavor, you get Ez Duz It e-liquid by Ruthless E-Juice.

Ez Duz It is a great e-juice to enjoy during the summer. It is refreshing. If you want a cooling sensation, you can try Ez Duz It on Ice which comes with menthol flavor.

The blend of watermelon and strawberry in Ez Duz It is unique. It is not like other e-liquids on the market with a similar flavor profile. This is the kind of e-liquid that you can easily vape all day. The flavor has the perfect level of intensity.

Flavor Description

When vaping Ez Duz It by Ruthless E-Juice, the strawberry flavor hits your palates on the inhale followed by the watermelon. The two flavors blend magically. The flavor is consistent on the inhale and the exhale. The is a sweetness to this vape juice, but it’s not overly sweet. When vaping Ruthless Ez Euz It, you get the feeling of enjoying a fresh fruit cocktail.

VG/PG Ratio

Ez Duz It by Ruthless has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 90/10. This e-liquid is quite thick which makes it perfect for dripping. However, you will have no problems vaping this e-liquid using a tank or an RDA.

Ez Duz It is one of the smoothest e-liquids you’ll ever vape. The vapor production of this e-juice is fantastic. It was made for cloud chasers. You will get enough thick vapor to perform cloud tricks.

Ez Duz It is not hard on coils. It will not blacken your coils quickly.

If you buy a bottle of this Ruthless e-liquid and it doesn’t taste as it is supposed to, give it one or two weeks to steep. Steeping can dramatically improve the taste and overall flavor of this e-liquid.

Nicotine Strength

Ruthless makes Ez Duz It available with different nicotine strength levels so that every vaper can enjoy the same rich taste. You can get this e-juice with either 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. You will get a light throat hit from vaping this e-juice. It flows easily through the throat. You will not experience any throat irritation from this Ruthless e-juice blend even when you are vaping at a high wattage.

Packaging Design

Ez Duz It comes in a dark glass bottle with a childproof dropper cap. There is a beautiful label on the bottle with the Ruthless E-Juice logo and other information about the product. Apart from the logo, the label also features the usual information about the product.


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There are many watermelon and strawberry e-liquids on the market. However, each is unique and Ez Duz It is on top of the list. You’ll enjoy every puff of this e-juice.

Ruthless is located in Southern California. The brand is one of the top favorites of vapers worldwide. The company uses the finest ingredients to make its e-liquids. When you try Ez Duz It, you will recognize that this is not just another e-liquid. It is something exceptional.