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The Best American E Liquid or E Juice Vendors!

Top USA E Liquid Brands

The vast number of options of e liquids that you get in the e cig market could make you go completely nuts and consecutively get many people to go on a journey to find the best e liquids that there is available to man. When you ask people about the best eliquid or e cig juice that they ever had, you will receive a lot of different answers, just like you would expect on most personal opinion based questions. This will be a list of my best american premium e liquid or my top e cig juice from my experience. If you are just starting out with e cigarettes, then you can imagine that this article was titled “Top Liquid Nicotine Brands That You Must Try Out” because the names I will be listing are pretty darn popular and they are great place to start if you are just venturing into the world of e cigarettes.

Highbrow Vapor E Liquid

I have bought and tried various American e-liquid brands and I am dead sure that Highbrow vapor is the one that deserves the first place in the podium and I am pretty sure that most people would agree to this also! Their e juice gives you that perfect flavor, so defined. They have a wide range of flavors from pure to mixed blend and you will definitely love. Most e liquids made by various companies does not taste as good and with most e liquids you can taste only a tinge of the flavor that it is based on, but Highbrow vapor stands out from the lot! The taste is so dominant while at the same time retaining that luscious smoke and nicotine kick. What makes the experience better is that you can order from their gorgeously designed website and they ship both local and international.

Halo Cigs E Liquid

The e juice that these guys sell are known by many, loved by many and bought by many. This is definitely something that you will have to check out, if you are looking for some really good liquid nicotine. Halo cigs E liquid is a pure American made e juice which has an outstanding customer service and the juice is packed in really nice containers. There are plenty of flavors to choose from, but in terms of numbers, the halo cigs e liquid falls short when compared to Highbrow vapor. Some products can give the latter a good fight when being compared, while others are not as great. These guys damn well deserves a try at least as I am pretty sure they will sit comfortably in your top 10 list as well.

Volcano V-liquid

Volcano e cigs came into the market with a great set of products to start off with and is one of the fastest growing e cigarette brands out there. Comparatively it is slightly more expensive, but it still is worth the try as you might like them. When I tried them out, they were alright! But if you have experience with e liquids from highbrow vapor and halo cigs, I’m pretty sure it will be hard for you to find something as satisfying. But word around is that they are getting better at the whole e juice thing, so I guess I need to try them out again. Keep an eye out for this brand.

Johnsons Creek

This is one of the more popular brands in the market and it’s got a pretty good image value. Johnson Creek, known as America’s Smoke Juice, Is a world leader in premium smoke juice or e juice as it is commonly known. Their partnership with blu cigs has enabled them to gain access to some great flavors. A lot of people like the products, but personally I’d prefer some good Asian dekang fluid any day as Creeks products are watery and felt that their image was greater than the substance they were offering. But like I said, a lot of people buy from these guys and you might like them also.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and that is what should matter the most when you are creating a list of your own top e liquid brands!