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URB Amanita Magic Mushroom Gummies Review

URB Amanita Magic Mushroom Gummies are the best delight for people looking for a euphoric and focused experience. These Amanita Gummies are packed with a massive 1050mg of Amanita magic mushrooms in each bag and are ready to take your senses to new heights.

Full Description

The URB Amanita Magic Mushroom Gummies have been created to increase focus and euphoria. Whether you want to boost your creativity during an artistic project or you want to embark on a mind-altering journey, these gummies have you prepared. Say goodbye to distractions and welcome increased alertness.

Each bag contains three Amanita candies comprising 350mg of magic mushrooms. Yes, the power of the mushrooms has been distilled into these chewy treats! You can know you’re ingesting a superior product because it’s carefully crafted with clean NON-GMO components.

Embrace Amanita’s power and let URB Amanita Magic Mushroom Gummies transport you to a realm of positive vibes. Each bag includes 1050mg of Amanita, enough for several mind-expanding experiences.

What’s Amanita Magic Mushroom

Amanita Magic Mushrooms, often associated with cultural and spiritual significance, have gained attention for their positive attributes, especially when incorporated into gummies. Unlike conventional psilocybin-containing mushrooms, Amanita mushrooms contain unique compounds like ibotenic acid and muscimol, offering distinct psychoactive effects. When carefully prepared, these mushrooms can be infused into gummies, providing a convenient and palatable way to experience their benefits.

Amanita Magic Mushroom gummies are celebrated for their potential to induce a gentle, euphoric state, promote relaxation, and enhance creativity. Advocates suggest that these gummies may offer a milder psychedelic experience compared to traditional psilocybin mushrooms, making them appealing to those seeking a subtle journey. The controlled dosage in gummy form allows users to manage their intake more precisely, reducing the risk of overwhelming experiences.

It’s crucial to approach Amanita Magic Mushroom gummies with respect and caution, acknowledging their potential positive impact on mood, creativity, and introspection when used responsibly.

URB Amanita Magic Mushroom Gummy Flavors

Each bite bursts with a delectable explosion of fruity goodness, with three tantalizing flavors to pick from Blueberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry. Indulge your senses while traveling on a fantastic trip of increased potency. These gummies have been designed to provide an experience unlike any other.

  • Blueberry
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry

Specifications and Features

  • 3 Amanita Gummies Per Bag
  • 350mg Of Amanita Per Gummy
  • Enhanced Potency Formula
  • Made From Clean, Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Great For focus and euphoria
  • 1050mg Total Amanita In Each Bag

Price and Availability

 The URB Amanita Magic Mushroom Gummies are now accessible at the Superstrain online store at a favorable price of $18.75. Opting for Superstrain comes with more than just a budget-friendly deal. Aside from the appealing cost, Superstrain is renowned for its commitment to quality and authenticity. Every product is meticulously sourced and curated to guarantee customers a genuinely authentic and premium vaping experience.