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Pod Kit Review

Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit Review

From the makers of the revolutionary Elf Bar and Geek Vape disposable range comes the classic Elf Bar Mate 500 Pod Kit. The manufacturers have managed to create a rechargeable device with replaceable pods. This eco-friendly device does not leave a dent in your pocket. What’s more, is that the replaceable pods allow you to enjoy the numerous flavors.

Key features

Excellent performance

The Elf Bar Mate 500 provides a remarkable vaping experience. Whichever flavor pods you choose, the taste remains amazing. The device has two air holes for a looser, free inhale. You can close one or both air holes for a semi-tight and tight inhale, depending on your preference.

The device is draw-activated, meaning there are no buttons on the device. Place your lips on the mouthpiece and begin puffing to activate the heating mechanism. The vapor production of the Elf Bar Mate 500 is impressive.

Elf Bar 500 is available in an array of exciting flavors.

Low maintenance

With the Elf Bar Mate 500, you need not worry about refills, spills, or any maintenance. As soon as the e-liquid has been depleted, dispose of the pod and replace it with another one. The 500mAh battery is enough to give you 500 puffs before the device has to be recharged. The device comes with a Type-C USB cable that charges the device within 2 hours.

Impressive design

The Elf Bar Mate 500 is made from high-grade aluminum. It is small, ergonomic and feels good in the hands. This portable device is the ideal companion for vapers who are always on the go. The Elf Bar Mate 500 comes in 4 different colors: Black, Grey, Aurora pink, Aurora Purple, and Aurora Blue.

How to use the Elf Bar Mate 500

Once you purchase the Elf Bar Mate 500 and the pre-filled pods, it’s time to set up your device for a memorable vaping session. First, you need to push the red plastic anti-leakage seal at the pod’s base deep into the pod. The seal keeps the liquid in and activates it. The pods are easy to attach/fix since they have a magnetic connection. After attaching the pods, wait up to 10 seconds before you begin vaping.


The Elf Bar Mate 500 is eco-friendly and pocket-friendly without compromising on overall performance and design. The flexibility it offers and the wide range of flavors at your disposal makes this device a great choice.

Where to buy the Elf Bar Mate 500

The Elf Bar MAte 500 is available at the Vape Green online store for £7.99. Vape Green offers a vast array of products at affordable prices. This store ships any order made before 3 pm gets the same day. What’s more, Vape Green offers free shipping for orders above £20.