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Esco Bars Review – A Guide To The Best Flavors

With so many e-cigar companies emerging on the market, there is increasing competition, and each brand is doing its power to outwit the others. Offering a wide range of tastes to appeal to many vapers is one way that e-cigar businesses do this.

In this race, the producer of Escobars has not fallen behind. Despite being relatively new to the market, Eco Bar has successfully introduced various flavors that consumers highly accept.

The flavors associated with the brand will be covered in this Esco Bar review. Knowing them will make it simpler to decide what you should try. You should thus finish reading.

Esco Bars Review: Flavors

  • Blue Raspberry Lemon

You will notice the exceptional flavor of blue raspberry as soon as you start vaping. You will taste the lemon flavor the Esco vaporizer left behind when you exhale its vapor.

  • Fruit Flavorings

Esco bars will satisfy your craving for the sweet flavors of ripe fruits if you’re one of those people. These are some of the fruit flavors that this company offers.


  • Bubblegum Watermelon

You should try this vape if you like the taste of bubblegum. With the addition of watermelon flavors, your sweet tooth will be satisfied all day.

  • Watermelon Strawberry

For Esco bars, this flavor is among the most popular. With each puff or pull, you’ll feel more energized.


Top Ice Flavors

  • Black Dragon Ice

If you enjoy mint, black dragon ice flavor is unquestionably something you’ll enjoy. Your long-desired exhale with a tinge of sweetness will come from the vaporizer, keeping you awake and alert.

  • Strawberry Ice cold

Strawberry ice flavors are difficult to defeat, if not impossible, under ice flavors. When added to ice Esco bars, fresh mint and sweet strawberry flavors work wonders.

  • Spearmint

The spearmint taste is designed for a direct mint blast cold vaping experience.

 Best Ice-Free Flavors

Similarly, many like purer vapes, while others dislike icy e-juice. The following Esco bar tastes are the greatest to try if you fall into that category.

  • Rainbow

Due to its illogical originality, this flavor of Esco bars is the most sought-after.

  • The red apple

The flavor will taste like a red apple, as the name implies. You would be correct in your assumption.

  • White Gummi Bears

The Esco bar vaporizer’s white gummy flavor will take your breath away if you enjoy gummy candy bears.

What flavor works best with the Esco Bar Vaporizer?

These are a few Esco Bars’ flavors, but which is the best? That is a really good question, but sadly there isn’t a single answer. This is true since everyone has a different set of cravings. To select the flavor that suits you best, purchase each flavor one at a time and give it a try.


Final Thoughts

The above Esco Bar vaporizer flavors ensure you never run out of possibilities. The only hard challenge you likely have is choosing the best option for you. However, it is very doable because you must visit West Coast Supply Vape and get yours.