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Fuji eLiquid by Pacha Mama Salts Review
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Fuji eLiquid by Pacha Mama Salts Review

Pacha Mama brings you the Fuji Eliquid, a delicious summary combination of fuji apples, strawberries, and nectarine that aims to deliver a sweet and tart fruit mixture, ideal for any fruit lover. The ejuice also features Pachamama’s unique salt nicotine formula making it perfect if you are transitioning and require strong and satisfying nicotine hits every time you vape. 

Pacha Mama Salts is brought to you by Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a premium vape juice producer with an assortment of quality US mixes that offer accurate-tasting fruit flavors with just the perfect amount of nicotine to balance out your vaping and give you unforgettable drags. All of their nicotine salt eliquid mixes are made in the United States, and they have a high degree of quality and performance that is undeniable, especially after a taste. Even in more simple pods, they all come through loud and clear, and the fruit replications, with the exception of the melon, are realistic and nuanced.

Fuji eLiquid by Pacha Mama Salts ReviewStraight out the pack and you can already notice that the apple is very prominent. When you inhale, the rich taste of apples is what soothes you, then the mouthwatering strawberry flavor backs it up throughout. The nectarine isn’t as easy to spot in the mix, blending in with the sweetness but still popping out every now and again, especially when you exhale as it adds an extra depth to the entire flavor experience. No doubt, the fruity combination is beautifully rendered, with the apple, in particular, standing out as a true representation that adds a hint of tartness to the mix.

Taking a look at the ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) that Pacha mama used in this Eunji eliquid, you get to see its 50/50 VG/PG ratio. In the world of vaping, once you see this you can almost tell what to expect in terms of flavor and vapor production. This eliquid does a pretty decent job in this area as well. Your drags are rewarded with unique and flowing flavor production with vapor that would leave you satisfied. It may not be a cloud-blowing machine, but it is just enough to get you by, especially if you fancy discreet vaping.

Remember we mentioned their salt nicotine formula before, let’s talk a little more about it and how it helps to make your vaping even more pleasurable.

To start with, salt nicotine allows you to vape high concentrations of nicotine with ease making it perfect for heavy smokers looking to transition. It would feel just like smoking a traditional cigarette in terms of its throat hit. It also offers a faster absorption rate and longer effect duration. Another thing is that high concentrations of salt nicotine do not interfere with the flavor of the eliquid, unlike high concentrations of freebase nicotine. 

In the case of this Fuji Eliquid, Pacha Mama allows you to choose from either 10mh or 20mg nicotine concentrations.Fuji eLiquid by Pacha Mama Salts Review

The Fuji Eliquid, like all other Pacha Mama salt e liquids, is packed in its own box. A 10ml squat gorilla bottle with a childproof and tamper-evident top is used to serve this eliquid formula. The bottle is TPD-compliant and sports spouts that are small enough to fit into the fill-hole of any pod or tank so you avoid unnecessary spills. 

The Fuji eLiquid by Pacha Mama Salts is available for £4.99 on Vapegreen.

If you like fruity flavors, this is a wonderful e-liquid to try. It’s an all-day vape juice that manages to strike a balance between having a distinct flavor while remaining mild enough that you can keep vaping it without becoming bored of it.