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Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice (AKA Brain Freeze) by Naked 100 Review
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Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice (AKA Brain Freeze) by Naked 100 Review

When you talk about high-quality and delicious ejuice flavors, you will be looking at Naked 100. If you have never tried out any one of their products,  Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice is a great place to start especially if you fancy a fruity flavor with a cool icy finish. It is one of the most sought-after fruit menthol ejuice flavors in the vaping industry.

Just like their ejuice blends, Naked 100 is one of the renowned manufacturers in the vaping industry. If you are completely new, chances are that when you were checking out ejuices to get started with you stumbled on an ejuice from Naked 100. Naked 100 has built a reputation on delivering outstanding ejuice combinations that are simple yet delicious. Whatever your vaping preferences are, Naked 100 has got just the right ejuice blend that will keep your vaping fresh and bright all day long. All of their ejuices are mixed and bottled in Southern California.

Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice by Naked 100

Once you take the cap off of the ejuice bottle, the scent of the fruit and menthol blend graces your nostrils, taking you on a quick trip to the North pole and back. That’s why they call this Brain Freeze ejuice. Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice features a succulent blend of ripened strawberries, kiwis, and pomegranates that create that refreshing and tangy foundation of the ejuice. The fruit mixture is then enhanced by a blast of icy menthol. 

Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice (AKA Brain Freeze) by Naked 100 Review

From the first drop down to the last, the individual flavors are well balanced so it’s not too tangy or too sweet. You might not be able to pick the kiwi and pomegranates flavor individually but they do make the entire combination worth it. You can go ahead vaping this ejuice flavor all day (as you probably would), and not get tired of it. 

Like all ejuice, you can go ahead and steep the ejuice for even better flavor.

VG/PG Ratio

Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice is brewed with 30 percent PG and 70 percent VG. This is an extremely used ratio because it gives a nice blend of flavor and vapor production. Although, with this much VG present in the ejuice mixture, you will be rewarded with plenty of vapor on every exhale. It also means that you will be able to vape this ejuice blend with either your sub-ohm tank or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. You will also enjoy the rich and full flavor from the ejuice as well as smooth and flowing throat hits.

Nicotine Strengths

Naked 100 made this ejuice in varying nicotine strengths to satisfy the varying nicotine preferences of vapers everywhere. You can choose from either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg nicotine concentrations. Thanks o the high-quality nicotine. You can expect to be rewarded with smooth and strong throat hits even from a bottle with 6mg of nicotine.

Packaging and Price

Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice (AKA Brain Freeze) by Naked 100 Review

All of that fruity menthol goodness is put in a 60ml glass bottle with a child-resistant dropper cap and packaged neatly in a box. The dropper caps make it easy for you to refill your ejuice tank without spiling your ejuice. On, you can get a bottle of Menthol Strawberry POM Ejuice by Naked 100 for as low as $11.99 rather than the actual $24.99 price. 

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If you are thinking about this ejuice blend, just go ahead and do it. Your taste buds will be thanking you every step of the way.