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Deadly vape ingredients to avoid

You’re on the fence about starting vaping and you want to make sure you’re upfront choosing the right ingredients for your e-liquid. So you start shopping and find that there are literally thousands of options and you just don’t know what to choose from. So, what are some ingredients you should be looking out for in your safest vape juice? The response is, it all depends on your preferences and vaping intention. This article will guide you through the things to look out for to enjoy your vaping experience.

Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are two things that are often, for some reason, confused with one another. Upon first glance, the two alcoholic compounds tend to be nearly similar, which may make it difficult for anyone not acquainted with them to understand which chemical they want to buy. The two are safe provided you are using them in the right ratios.

Both PG and VG are odorless liquids that produce vapor when heated. Every fluid has a different consistency, taste, and a different feeling in the mouth and throat. Combined with e-juice flavors in various ratios, these liquids can generate a range of specific vapor experiences which is safe for all vapers.

That said, some of the deadliest ingredients to avoid in your juice include:


Diacetyl is a very harmful substance that is not fit for consumption. This substance was used as an additive to create a flavor of butter in the microwave popcorn. It was discovered in the 1990s after a few workers in the popcorn factory contracted bronchiolitis after inhaling high amounts of it for a long time. The name “Popcorn lung” for bronchiolitis showcases the toxicity of Diacetyl. Because its levels are tested for food as opposed to for Vape inhalation, it isn’t safe for inhaling.

According to a study conducted at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, it was reported that the damaging effect of Diacetyl in cigarettes is 750 times more when a person inhales a conventional Tobacco cigarette and that is why E-Juice or Vape is considered better than smoking. The detrimental effect of Diacetyl is attributed to Vape Manufacturer to produce diacetyl-free Vape juice.


Diketone is an ingredient that is used to give a creamy and buttery flavor in food products. The regulations forbid the use of the ingredient in food items, and generally, foods are tested to determine that this is not an ingredient. But this is not mandatory for e-liquids and other inhalation products. Also, most manufacturers may not reveal details on the use of diketones in their products. That is why when selecting your e-liquid items you should be extremely careful.


Inhaling caffeine is not good for your health. Caffeine does not pass through the digestive system but goes to the bloodstream directly. You cannot control how much caffeine you are ingesting when using e-juice. Too much caffeine in your system may lead to seizures, fast heartbeat, and loss of consciousness. This is because caffeine affects your nervous system. Though caffeine remains one of the most popular ingredients in making e-juice, you should avoid it.

Watch out for these harmful ingredients. If you need vape juices that are free from all the deadly ingredients then check out Vaporesso. They have the safest devices and supplies to give you an awesome vape experience.