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PG vs VG ratio

Every vaper has their preference when it comes to vaping. And these preferences may change over time or depend on their mood. Experimentation with various How to make vape juice flavors is part of the fun for a newbie vaper, but don’t forget about the PG / VG ratios, too. Different ratios yield various effects. Let’s delve straight into the explanations.

What is PG?

PG stands for Glycol propylene. PG is a liquid that is dry, odorless, and without taste. It can be produced as a byproduct of fermentation, from processing fossil fuel, or from synthetic manufacturing. PG usually originates from synthetic production for vapor products. That is not a new material. Humans have been using it in a variety of daily items for more than a century. PG is a moisturizer, which can absorb moisture. This is used in meats, toothpaste, shampoo, pharmaceutical goods, and it great for vaping!

For a very long time, propylene glycol was used to make vapor. The stage smoke which is mainly used in theatrical works and films originates from stage foggers. In stage foggers, the liquid is propylene glycol. Stagehands have been working around it for decades. Not only does PG produce vapor, but it also can bear flavor.

Although PG does not produce as much vapor as VG, the advantage is the strength of the hit and the flavor. PG has been known to cause inflammation of the throat and can be serious for certain people. With a VG e-liquid or at least a 50/50 blend, vapers who find PG harsh would probably be happier. Since PG absorbs water, stepping up hydration is a good idea for vapers. Although commonly accepted as safe, we can not say that vape is secure. Studies are still underway.

Which is VG?

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is a thick viscous liquid that has a slightly sweet taste of syrup consistency. Used in items such as lipstick and lotions in various sectors such as the beauty industry. This is commonly used for herbal products, topical lotions, and cough syrups in the pharmaceutical industry. It gives an e-liquid smoothness and is used in higher ratios in more efficient devices because, due to its thickness, the liquid does not atomize as easily. It does not, however, bring flavor as well as PG; however, VG produces enormous thick clouds, common with many vapers.

Compatibility of equipment – Vapers who use regular tanks as opposed to reconstructible tanks are by far the majority in the world of e-cigarettes, thanks to a simple to use nature. PG-based e-liquids are less likely to clog up their inner workings for regular tanks, as well as being more readily absorbed into the wick, whereas those with reconstructible tanks will use them without problems either.

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