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Phix Mint Pod Review

The Phix Mint Pod is recommended for everyone who loves the cooling taste of mint. This e-juice is a fusion of eucalyptus and menthol flavor. The result is a satisfying vape that leaves a refreshing coolness on your tongue after each puff. There is a lightly sweet taste to this vape liquid. This is not the only minty vape liquid from Phix. There is also the company’s Spearmint e-juice.

Like other Phix vape pods, Mint comes in a pack of four. Each pod contains 1.5ml and 50mg of nicotine. You can get up to 400 to 450 puffs from each pod which means the entire four-pack can last you for several days.

The pods come with ceramic wicking to give you a rich taste with each puff. It also features temperature control technology to guarantee that you get the same rich taste with each puff.

A pack of Phix Mint pods cost only $22 at When you buy from this shop, you can count on getting excellent customer service and speedy delivery of orders.

You will find other Phix pods at the Hazetown Vapes online store. This includes Butterscotch, Hard Strawberry, Cool Watermelon, Ice Tobacco, Spearmint, Original Tobacco, and more. To use the Phix pod, simply connect it to the battery and start vaping.

The Phix is designed to give you a cigarette-like vaping experience.