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Gummies + Vitamins by Pacific CBD Co. Review

Gummies are a delicious chewy treat for children and adults. Manufacturers of supplements have recently adopted this treat to deliver nutritional value besides its yum taste. Most commonly, CBD manufacturers have also adopted gummies as one of the ways to administer CBD, it’s irresistible. While CBD gummies are an irresistible way of consuming CBD, getting a good CBD gummy product is where the tussle is. There are more than a hundred thousand brands online offering CBD gummies, how do you know which offers the real quality? You could quit the search and check out Pacific CBD Co. Gummies + Vitamins, manufactured by VaporTech USA in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pacific CBD Co. Gummies + Vitamins
In terms of quality, purity, nutritional value, and THC Content, Pacific CBD Co. Vitamin Gummies beat the mark. The gummies are manufactured in the USA using broad-spectrum CBD extracted from industrial hemp plants imported from Switzerland. The hemp plant undergoes stringent toxicity testing to detect the presence of heavy metals and harmful toxins associated with pesticides and herbicides. Every product you get is 100% highly purified, free of animal products and artificial flavor. Talk of the real deal, that’s what you get.

The gummies by Pacific CBD Co. contain less than 0.01% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the factor in the hemp plant responsible for the psychoactive effect. You can not get high by taking CBD gummies. If you are to take a drug test, you should consult the necessary officials to be sure if you can take the gummies right before the test.

Sometimes, people ask who can take the CBD gummies. Anyone can, but you need to consult with your doctor before administering the gummies to anyone including children.

What Nutrients are integrated in the Pacific CBD Co. Vitamin Gummies?
That’s where the creativity and potency of these gummies come into play. Pacific CBD Co. Vitamin Gummies offer six varieties. Each variety offers a blend of CBD and an additional nutrient; CBD + Collagen Gummies, CBD + Multi-Vitamin Gummies, CBD + Vitamin B12 Gummies, CBD + Omega-3 Gummies, CBD + Biotin Gummies, and Hemp CBD Gummies. All gummies are manufactured using mixed fruits terpenes which accounts for their yum yum taste.

How to Use
You can pop the gummies in your mouth in the morning during breakfast, at work, before bed, or anytime you choose during your day, anywhere you want it. Each gummy weighs 4.4g and offers 10mg of CBD. You can take 1-2 of that, every six hours or as desired.

Convenience Pack
The Pacific CBD Co. Vitamin Gummies are really convenient to carry around in its pack of 10 gummies. It would fit easily into your bag or car so you can easily have access to it when you are out of the house. You can comfortably place an order for one or more packs of these gummies for $9.99 at the company’s online store.

Orders placed before 3:00pm MST be shipped that same day. If you place an order after that time, your order will likely sit until the next day before shipping. All shipments take between 3-5 business days to arrive at your door.

If you are looking to buy vaping devices and accessories, VaporTech is a great brand to shop from.