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Review of the OBS Crius RTA v3 velocity deck version

The OBS Crius was sent by gearbest for purposes of review, its available in 3 colors Black, White, Silver from OBS Crius RTA
The price is at $20.99 currently



The OBS Crius is a top fill 22mm RTA with a similar deck to the Velocity RDA allowing easy coiling with dual coils. Its made from 304 grade stainless steel and pyrex glass for the 4.2ml capacity tank and drip tip with either no paint for the stainless version or black or white paint for those corresponding versions. The deck also has 4 areas where the tails of your wick can be placed easily so it will stay in place when screwing the base back to the rest of the tank. The juice channels have holes instead that feed the wicks and the chimney has corresponding holes that reveal or hide the juice holes in order to control the juice flow.




The RTA comes in a clam shell plastic packaging protected in foam with a spare pyrex glass tank, theres also a small hex driver to tighten the grub screws for the coil legs. Underneath the first foam insert are some more accessories like spare o-rings, screws, some wire and pre made coils. Theres also another bag with some organic cotton next to it.


The design of the juice channels made it very easy to place the wicks and the juice control only requires a small twist of the glass section in order to close and open the channels. The posts are great for coiling as the coil legs do not share the same holes. The holes are large too, so larger diameter wires should fit easily as well as parallel wires, twisted wire, claptons, fused claptons etc. The holes go all the way through the posts however so you can see the sides of the wire and both ends of the grub screw. In theory this could cut short some thin gauge wire but with 0.45mm (awg25) wire it seemed fine. Just make sure when tightening the grub screw to not over tighten them. When tightening just go slowly and wiggle the coil leg left to right and up and down a bit and if the coil does not move at all then it should be tight enough. Also with clapton coils they were fine to install but the diameter being 2.5mm required installing the clapton coils quite close to the posts in order to provide enough clearance for the chimney. With the awg 25 wire with 7 wraps around 2.5mm the coils installed easily and the resistance was 0.33ohms overall.





The top fill port is easy to access without any screwing just by pulling up the top section and the fill port is large to allow most bottles to be used as well as air on the side. Then to close you just push the top down and theres an o-ring to keep juice from leaking. Its best to close the juice flow control when filling though as it can leak the whole tank quickly depending on the juice consistency. They also do recommend closing off the juice flow when leaving the tank overnight with 75% vg it did not seem to leak after a day or so but maybe long term it could.


The airflow is adjustable and is a good amount under the coils too but when vaping alot in a short period of time the included drip tip did get quite hot at 40 watts+ but would have been hotter if it was all stainless. The tank can apparently vape fine at high power at even up to 100 watts but I did not test it that high.


The flavor was good from the rta with no muting or dry hits even with a bit of cotton in the wicking channels. Its best to cut the wick at an angle though to avoid the juice getting constricted and place some of the cotton then in the juice channels, you can even push the cotton up a bit after its in place so not too much of it is in each channel.


The construction seems good with the fill port not being hard to open as well as the whole tank screwing together well. The only part that was tricky to unscrew at first was the parts on either side of the pyrex glass in order to remove the glass but after a few times it became easy to remove. Its tricky to get a grip of the top section as the area that holds the top port does spin around and has no locked position so you may need to use a rubber band/rubber gloves the first time to get a firm grip. The tank comes in not too many pieces so its easy to clean rather than having many small parts. The base can also be removed easily for changing out the cotton and changing your build too. At the the bottom of the tank is a plated 510 thats slightly protruding but not adjustable. When cleaning the tank especially, the o-rings are clear so it could be possible to misplace them so Id recommend removing them from the glass carefully. The tank however was clean when received but its always a good idea to clean all the parts of a tank the first time and also occasionally after some use.




There were 1 or 2 versions or batches of the crius before the one with the velocity style deck and it seems thats the main difference between them as well as the drip tip hole now being compatible with other 510 drip tips where the previous one was slightly narrower than the standard drip tips so you could only use the included one. Also the fill hole is apparently a bit larger in the latest one.


Overall its a great tank thats easy to build on and fill especially compared to many other tanks!