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Why you might want to steep your ejuice

There are various explanations as to why the steeping method is used by producers and DIY-juice manufacturers. The fundamental reason to steep is to try to achieve a more full juice taste so you can enjoy your vaping sessions more. This method is more important for those of you who want to Make your own ejuice. It lets infuse the liquid concoction and eliminates the unpleasant taste of any by-products of alcohol.

You may already love the taste of your chosen juice out of the box, but other times you may feel like something is missing, or that it is just too harsh. The taste of a freshly opened bottle of e-juice will most frequently contain traces of alcohol, or be too fragrant depending on the flavor you want to purchase. Some of the reasons why its important to steep include:

Enhanced flavor

Often the taste of the e-juice is considerably enhanced depending on the producer if you allow it to sit and breathe. Just as wine may sometimes taste alcohol too harshly when it comes straight out of the bottle, so does vape juice, and for the same reason. Alcohols or other solvents tend to evaporate in the water, leaving behind only the wonderful taste you like in a strong vapor. Besides, the unique flavors can often be too “perfumed,” and after about a week or so, they can reach a good mellowness. High-end e-liquid brands often come pre-steeped and do not necessarily need to be steeped, but less costly varieties will benefit from aging almost always.


Making it sit and mellow will almost always result in a cleaner, mellower flavor if you make your do-it-yourself e-juice. The flavorings you’ve selected will have a chance to mix or blend well, to use a phrase from fine cuisine. You’ll have to practice in your quest to be a great e-juice chef, as certain flavors can mellow out to the point of disappearing while others may reward your efforts. Use various strategies using heat vs. no heat, or any other steeping method to get the best result.


Easy experimentation is one last reason to let your vape juice steep. You’ll love a taste right out of the bottle sometimes. Often, maybe you don’t. Instead of thinking that the flavor you have is not healthy, or that the juice has deteriorated somehow, waiting and letting it aerate will solve the problem entirely, saving you time. Even with a taste that you like right away, playing a little could be worth it and seeing whether you like it steeped or unsteeped better. If you’re combining flavors it’s not always easy to pre-judge if they’re going to taste good together. Steeping in an e-juice will help to bring out the truest, most mellow taste.

While some vapers love their juices without steeping which is natural and appropriate, steeping is enjoyed by a larger vapor community. And that’s key since the findings are amazing. Steeping makes you completely love vaping. Yet again, on the other hand, simpler fruit recipes may not need to be steeped. . If you should decide to make a DIY recipe then check out Flavorah is a well-known brand noted for its variety of e-juice flavors.