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Candy king review

Since I began the whole intelli journey, over  years ago (at the time of this review), I’ve come across quite a few vendors who excel at their craft. What I’ve yet to come across, and something I’m often asked about, is one vendor that does everything perfectly. Instead, certain vendors have their strengths. For example, while a juice vendor like Indigo makes a good deal of tasty vapes, they really excel in crafting some of the finest tobacco e-liquids on Earth. In a similar fashion,  King’s Crest has consistently demonstrated they have some of the finest skills in the business when it comes to fruity, candy style vapes. Their Duchess Reserve is far and away my personal favorite peach flavored e-liquid which is also an award winning e-lqiuids, and very close to the top of my “all-time favorites” list.

So, when another bottle from the vendor reaches the on-deck circle in my steeping drawer, my curiosity piques, and I tend to find myself a little giddy with the anticipation of tasting what they have put together. The next bottle in line from them, Sweet Lovin’, is one I had been eagerly anticipating due to the positive buzz I had been seeing in the various vaping forums. Like the other juice I’ve tasted from King’s Crest, Candy King is a veritable flavor explosion, with the lush, sweet flavors compounded, one on top of the other, to create another big, succulent profile from the guys who seem to do the candied, fruity vapes like no one else. The components are fairly simple, a very realistic blue raspberry sweet tart  flavor is the dominating flavor in the mix, although not by much. That’s backed-up by a even mix of a sweet candy-like strawberry, and a good dose of a the oft-used candy melon flavor. The combination seems simple enough, and really it is, like something you might expect from a pack of Bubbalicious, but the final product is far greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Overall it is a bright, sweet berry blend that, like the other flavors I’ve reviewed, demonstrates an innate sense of balance. Often berry flavors will lean strawberry and raspberry, which will usually lead to a slightly acidic, overly bright juice. This juice, however, has a deeper berry flavor with blue in addition to the blacks, keeping the acidity well in check, and creating a well rounded, rich, lush quality that almost tastes like a flavor unique unto itself, perhaps it’s the flavor of the highly sought after smurfberry. What it definitely is, is an expertly crafted berry blend, that comes together into a singular, tightly knit profile, that makes it difficult to pull out and easily identify individual flavors from the mix, although it does seem to favor blue raspberry by a hair.

The overall quality is somewhere in between a natural and candy-like mix, leaning a bit more towards the candy, but not overly sweet or tart either, striking a very nice fruity flavor that remains consistent throughout the entirety of the vape, delivering the same sweet, fruity flavors from the front side, straight through to the finish. On the standard reviewing rig, I liked this one fairly cool at 4.8v on a 2.5O atomizer, yielding 9.2w. This wattage delivers a remarkably smooth berry medley profile, along with a thick plume of vapor, and a mild throat hit. The mech/RDA reviewing set-up (modified ERA with twisted 30ga kanthal at .8O on 2mm ekowool) results in an louder but identical flavor profile, with an mild increase in throat hit and outstanding vapor production.