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Four Seasons E-liquid Review

Anyone with knowledge about vaping is aware that it is a heavily contested field with many brands. It is usually considered a feat for an e-juice company to carve a niche for themselves in the vaping industry. And Four Seasons Eliquid, an e-liquid brand from the US, have impressed vaping enthusiasts with its refreshing tobacco flavor. Four Seasons uses only premium ingredients in production. And since 2012, when this brand started, all e-liquids have been produced using naturally extracted tobacco flavor that tastes as great as any of your favorite cigarettes. With Four Seasons you can be sure that all e-liquids don’t contain any artificial additives, colors, and sweeteners.

Four Seasons has a collection of different tobacco-based e-liquid flavors. Examples of these flavors are American Tobacco, Dessert Tobacco, RY4 Tobacco, Menthol Tobacco, Turkish Tobacco. There are nicotine salt versions of every one of these listed e-liquid flavors.

All these Four Seasons e-liquids contain high-quality Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

American Tobacco

American Tobacco by Four Seasons Eliquid offers the flavor of classic American tobacco. Vapers who enjoy American tobacco with this e-juice. And American Tobacco is a pleasant e-juice with a captivating inhale and exhale.

There is also a nicotine salt version of American Tobacco.

Dessert Tobacco

Dessert Tobacco is another impressive blend by Four Seasons. This e-juice offers a delicate blend of sweet and nutty tobacco. This e-juice is rich and flows easily throughout the inhale and exhale.

Dessert Tobacco also has a nicotine salt version available.

RY4 Tobacco has a pleasant tobacco flavor that is earthy and sweet. RY4 Tobacco offers a delicate blend of caramel and tobacco flavors with every hit. Like others in the Four Seasons collection, RY4 Tobacco is top-notch stuff. You can taste the smoky caramel flavor with every hit. The sweetness of the caramel flavor can be noticed on the inhale. The tobacco flavor is every present.

You can get a nicotine salt version of RY4 Tobacco.

Menthol Tobacco

As the name of this e-juice, Menthol Tobacco is a mint and tobacco-based vape juice. You get the best of cool menthol and smooth, earthy tobacco with this e-liquid. Menthol Tobacco is an impressive e-juice with a strong natural flavor. This Four Seasons vape juice is one of the best menthol and tobacco blend on the market. The sweetness of the caramel flavor starts this e-juice. This flavor spreads to the tobacco flavor on the exhale.

There is a nicotine salt version of Menthol Tobacco.

Turkish Tobacco

This Four Seasons e-juice is inspired by the flavor of the Lakatia tobacco brand. This cigarette brand is popular in the Middle East and named after a port city in Syria where it’s manufactured. Turkish Tobacco has a light tobacco flavor with a smoothness to go with it. This e-juice is impressive and can have a strong natural flavor. You can comfortably vape this Four Seasons e-liquid all day and not get bored.

Turkish Tobacco also has a nicotine salt version.

You can buy any of these e-liquids for around $14.99 to $16.99 directly from the Four Seasons online store.