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Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill Review

Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill-This Chill will give you thrills!

If you feel a strong urge for a mint chocolate ice-cream, grab some smoke of the Fumari Mint Chocolate Chill to satisfy the thirst. I personally believe that this Hookah Tobacco is a tremendous success. The flavors of chocolate and mint blend beautifully; they are sweet yet deliciously creamy. This lovely blend works without overpowering the senses.

Flavor –U-la-la

This is the most interesting Hookah flavor to ever hit the market. The flavor is close to my heart and it will surely make you salivate at the very first whiff. You may find the flavor mysterious if you try without judging it but I believe its composition, texture and constitution is self explanatory.

I always had to try this Fumari Chocolate Chill flavor, as I had heard great things about it. When I tried it, holy, it was divine and did not disappoint me at all. It has now become one of my most loved flavors of all time. The cut of the tobacco is the signature Fumari as you call, exceptionally juicy, finely chopped and yes not dried at all. It is such a die heart blend, perfectly sweet but not overpowering.

Fumari’ans as I call them, adore their brand and I know that it can take some good amount of heat as it’s so much juicier than others. It produces enormous monster clouds for the same reason.

Taste/Aroma and the Final verdict!

The taste, O my God is so spot on and accurate to the smell. The nice chill and cool flavor of menthol with the subtle slightly bitterly sweet chocolate at the background makes the experience eye popping. I enjoy this flavor and my fellows believe the same; it’s damn enjoyable to smoke. I like to mix a little more mint into it to make it more refreshing and thriving as I am a bit of a reflex person who wants more and more of the good things. But, you people will not need that as the flavor is too good on its own.

Overall, I believe in the flavor and give it a five star rating as it is the best of the best mint chocolate flavors that has the tendency to chill and give a thrill to your worn out senses.